Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I hate the juice fast.  I cannot stress this enough.  I give mad props to anyone who can do this for more than a day.  I started yesterday off really well.  I made a big batch of juice with apples, lots of kale and lemon.  I drank half and took the other half out with me.  Two hours later I was starving.  Like tummy rumbling so loud that people were giving me weird looks.  By the time I got home and made more juice I was ready to kill the next person that crossed me.  I made another big juice for lunch using kale, spinach, apples and carrots.  I really didn't feel any better after drinking it.  I felt vaguely hungry, still cranky and more than anything really nauseous.  It was like motion sickness and super bitchy had a date.  We ran errands and while were out my head started to ache.  I tried drinking a bunch of water and a little more juice but I felt worse almost by the minute. 

I'll tough out a lot of things.  I've been eating 1200 calories every day since January with 3 free days the whole time.  I've been rock climbing with a broken toe jammed into tiny little rock climbing shoes after a 4 mile hike.  I suffered quietly through Borat twice.  I couldn't hand the juice fast.  I have the least sunny personality you can imagine when I get low blood sugar.  From the safety of my less than soundproof car I yelled sarcastically at a pedestrian crossing properly with the light in the crosswalk.  On my five minute drive home I flipped off no less than 2 people.  (They totally deserved it.)  I think the lesson here for me is that I need to stick to what's been working.  I haven't plateaued on my current plan and it's a comfortable lifestyle change, not a diet.  If I feel hungry and crappy all day I KNOW I won't stick with it.  Also for the sake of my marriage I probably shouldn't keep going on something that makes me a super bitch.

So I had solid food last night.  I made my all time favorite healthy dinner: 1 cup of brown rice seasoned with rice vinegar, grilled tilapia with spicy miso teriyaki glaze and baby bok choy sauteed and tossed with gyoza dipping sauce.  It packs a TON of flavor and a huge meal for just 400 calories.  Today I'm back on my normal diet and much happier.  I had a kashi granola bar for breakfast, juice for a snack and ate a large green salad for lunch.  We had steamed dumplings for dinner and I'm FULL.    I definitely won't shed 7 pounds in a week but I can live with that.  I feel badly that I told you I would do this and couldn't really keep going. 

To apologize, below is a video of my dog, Gwen, munching on her second favorite treat: the carrot.  Her first favorite is anything meaty flavored which she knows collectively as "bacon."  I had to shoot this 3 times with 3 different carrots because my brother and husband were playing mario kart in the background and kept swearing really loud and super dirty.  So enjoy!  I went to great lengths to bring it to you!

And I would just like to add that, if by some strange chance, the pedestrian I yelled at today sees this I just want to say "I'm Sorry."

Stay strong!



  1. Raewyn, I am so proud of you for winning the biggest loser competition! Don't spend one more second worrying about the stupid juice diet. Jordan definitely cheated and had solid foods on MORE than one occasion. I don't think any human could really stand the juice diet for an extended period of time unless they just hate food. I think you are much better off sticking to your original lifestyle change. I am sure that this is more healthy for you in the long run. Also, I tried a kale, apple drink ONE TIME and couldn't even finish the whole thing. I love carrot orange juice though, it tastes like an orange julius. You could make yummy fruit juices to continue using your juicer. Good luck! I really am super proud of you!

  2. I'm so happy and proud! And cheering you on to a healthier you! :) I can tell you will accomplish your goals very soon! Just stay strong..
    I also wanted to say.. I follow this once a month for four consecutive days.. Day 1, I eat fruits.. All fruits, any fruits (ONLY fruits).. sometimes If i want something savory, I cook apples with a little salt, pepper and chili.. Day 2 is vegetables.. any vegetables (ONLY vegetables), raw or steamed only.. with salt and pepper to taste..Day 3 is fruits again and Day 4 is vegetables again.. It helps a lot with detoxifying my body once a month and I feel a little accomplished afterwards.. If I exercise on those days, it helps with shedding some weight. Maybe this is something that might help you as well.
    Regardless, I will stay tuned to follow your progress! Good job and good luck!
    love you,
    subee <3

  3. I hate being honest with myself when it comes to my eating habits. It's great to see that you're doing it and not deciding to throw the towel in like a lot of us do. Really impressed by your posts and entertained by your wit. Great job!