Friday, March 30, 2012

Roller Skating!!!!

Hello All!

I told you I've been roller skating lately.  This summer I'm going to try out for roller derby even though I haven't been skating since like 5th grade.  While skating I burn 730 calories and hour and work up a real sweat.  Seriously, check it out.  There are roller skating rinks all over the place and usually have cheap admission on week nights.  If you're like me and have not been skating in more than a decade look for a rink that offers lessons.  I'm taking lessons every Saturday morning.  I can go forwards at speed pretty well and have started doing cross overs.  For anyone who doesn't know, when you go around turns you can gain more speed by crossing your outside foot in front of your inside foot and pushing out.


 Like this!!!  Although I don't look nearly as awesome doing it.  Yet.

There are also roller derby teams forming like crazy all over the country.  It's officially made a comeback as a legitimate sport.  It's mostly flat track instead of banked and isn't the gruesome WWF style fighting of old.  There are co-ed and all female teams in just about any city with a skating rink.  Almost all are non-profit and volunteer run.  Check out Whip It starring Ellen Paige/ directed by Drew Barrymore.  

If skating isn't your cup of tea go for a walk outside while the weather is nice.  Take the dog or throw your cat/ ferret/ guinea pig in a harness and enjoy the spring air.  

Stay Strong!


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